Hello there, I'm Cecily Carroll. I am a prefect for Slytherin as I am attending my last year at Hogwarts.

Our Little Secret || Kaily

Cecily sat on her feet as she leaned on her elbow over the table, her hand working at a mile a minute as she wrote her essays. None of these assignments were due until long after break but she felt the need to get ahead. She stopped and looked at the parchment and deeming her handwriting too messy she crumpled it up and threw in on the floor under her chair, listening for the thud of Benji’s paws as he pounced on it. She smiled to herself as she looked down at the cat, curled up, shredding the parchment in its paws before rewriting the work that was now his toy.

She looked up nervously as a student passed the shelves in front of her, but saw red on the robes instead of the blue she was hoping for.  She had sent Kate an owl after finished breakfast with Silas, telling her where’d she be so they could talk. Even though Kate said she’d be there Cecily was still nervous. She was where she said she’d be, just outside the restricted section at a table she had clearly claimed with the amount of paper and books she had neatly stacked on top of it.

Cecily felt antsy as she waited, wanted to she Kate again, kiss her if she had the chance. But she was also nervous, knowing that now they would figure out just how to make this work, and she knew that would mean acting like nothing was happening when they saw each other in the halls. She wasn’t fond of the idea, she’d like them to be able to be open with everyone just as she was now with herself, but for their safety it couldn’t be done. She heard approaching footsteps and held hear breath in anticipation, hoping this time it would be Kate she would see through the shelf as they approached. 

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